How to create a website using WordPress 2022

Dec 25, 2021 | WordPress Blog

Hello Everybody, In this post I will show you how to create a website for beginners, and I will do it step by step.

Step No.1 : how to Buy domain + hosting plan + install WordPress platform

The Below video will show you the differences between the domain and the hosting plan and how to choose the suitable plan for you, and i will use GoGaddy to buy the domain and hosting plan, and we will learn how to install WordPress to our website in easy steps.

please watch video No.1

Step No.2 : Installing theme + Installing plugins + Site setting

Now after finishing step No.1, we are going to do the below : –

1 – Install the Astra theme and we will choose a free template to apply it to to our new website.

2 -Modifying the Pages.

3 – Adding Contact us forms.

4 – Installing important plugins such as WP forms, Elementor page builder ………..etc.

Please watch video.2 for more details :

Step No.3 : Add your content

In step No.3 we will learn the following : –

1 – How to create your website Logo and favicon , and we will use canva to create a free and simple favicon

2 – How to create your footer menu.

3 – How to create new post.

Please watch video.3 for more details :

Thanks for watching and i hope you liked the 3 videos.

Please check my WordPress playlist on YouTube to watch all new videos, the playlist link is below : –

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