Camtasia is one of the most popular Screen Recorder and Video Editor Camtasia Can be use to :

  1. Make Training Videos (Youtube – Demo )
  2. Make Video Training (Webinar)
  3. PowerPoint presentations

The Software contains 2 applications :

1- Camtasia Recorder

  1. Record Screen
    1. you can choose full screen
    2. you can choose from a list of template dimensions (1080p HD – 720p HD ……and many more)
    3. you can specify your target Dimensions
  2. Record your Camera
    1. you can use a camera to capture your self while record your video
  3. Record Audio (MIC)
    1. you can record your voice using an external MIC

2- Camtasia

  1. Where you will edit your video and remove unnecessary parts
  2. Add Extra effects
    • Media (you can use assets like sounds ,clips ,photos and motion graphics)
    • Annotations ( like : Callouts- Arrows – Lines – Shapes – Blur and highlight effects)
    • Transitions (Fade – Flip – Page Turn – Slide
    • Behaviors (Drifting – Sliding – Shifting)
    • Animations ( Zoom – Tilt – Scale)
    • Cursor Effects (you can add effect to the mouse pointer – Right Click Effect – Left Click Effect)
    • Voice Narration (record voice for after recording the video – Make Voice over)
    • Audio Effects (Noise Removal – Volume Leveling – Clip Speed)
    • Visual Effects (Remove a color – Color Adjustment )
    • Interactivity (create quiz)
    • Captions (add Captions)


TechSmith Camtasia

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How to use Camtasia in easy steps :

1. Record your screen

  • Using Camtasia Recorder
  • Record anything on your computer screen–websites, software, video calls, or PowerPoint presentations.
  • when you finish click on Stop
  • after that the Camtasia app will start automatically in a new project contains the recorded video

2. Add a few effects

  • remove the unnecessary  parts of the video
  • add the affects to your project

3. Share

  • share you Project :
    • you can Instantly upload your video to YouTube, Vimeo, Screencast, or your online video course.
    • to your HDD (Local File)
  • Camtasia Projects can be saved in different formats (it supports MP4 – WMV – AVI – GIF)
  • You can add Water Mark to your Work
TechSmith Camtasia

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