How to use windows package manager (winget) in windows 10

Sep 12, 2021 | Windows | 0 comments

how to use winget

In this tutorial I will show you how to use winget tool to :
1- Install apps
2- Uninstall apps
3- Upgrading installed apps
4- List installed Apps
5- Export apps to JSON FIle
6- Import Apps From A JSON FIle

Commands used in the tutorial :

winget install -e –id Tonec.InternetDownloadManager
winget install -e –id Notepad++.Notepad++ -v 7.9.4
winget search –name python
winget search –id python
winget install –id python.python.3
winget search –name powertoys
winget show –name powertoys
winget show –name powertoys –versions
winget install –name powertoys –version 0.41.4
winget list
winget uninstall –name audacity
winget uninstall –name “python 3”
winget upgrade
winget upgrade –name audacity
winget upgrade –all
cd downloads
winget export -o myapps.json
winget export -o myapps2.json –include-versions
winget import -i myapps.json
winget show

cls (clear screen)

Check the video below to a step by step tutorial



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