learn how to set a static IP address in windows 7
in this post you will find 2 ways to set a static IP address 
1- the easy way : using Network and sharing Center for  control panel  (all steps are demonstrated with pictures )
2- the hard way : using the command prompt (Video from my channel)
follow these steps : 

 1- go to start button
  2- open control panel


 3- choose Network and Sharing Center

 4- click on change dapter settings

   5- here you will find all available network adapter ( in my case ,i have 2 network adapters)
  •  Local Area Connection (my LAN card)
  • Wireless Network Connection (my Wireless card)
 6- right click → properties ( on the network card that you want to configure ,in my case i will choose my Wireless card )

7- click on internet protocol version 4 (TCP/IPv4)  →  properties

8- in the general tab choose use the following IP address

9- add your new  IP address ,Subnet ,Default gateway,DNS Serverok

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