know how to turn off  (Shutdown) your windows 8 in many different ways - Windows 8 has no start button like other versions so you will not find the shutdown button easily - there is a new to shutdown Windows 8 ,check the next steps to learn it

1- using the normal shutdown icon

go to the upper-right corner or the bottom-right corner of the screen  with your mouse's courser 

a menu will appear from the right border of the screen

press on the settings icon

now, press on the power icon

select shut down

2- using the alt + F4 key combination

press and hold alt button then press F4 
a shut down dialog will appear ,choose shutdown then OK

3- using cmd commands 

open the run dialog by pressing the window key on the keyboard 

then write run (just write and the search dialog will appear automatically) and select the run program from the left panel

or you can use the combination (windows key + R)
now write the following command then OK
shutdown -s -t 1

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