Learn the shutdown command and its parameters

  • Shutdown command is used to shutdown , reboot (restart) or log off your computer
  • To use the shutdown command you need to add some parameters to the command to tell it what to do

Shutdown parameters
-s Shutdown
-r Restart
-l Log off
-c Add a comment
-t   Add a timer ,the command will be executed after the time is over ( in Seconds)
-a Abort or cancel the shutdown command before its time is over

Notes : 
  • you can  replace   "-" with "/"
  • you can execute the shutdown command in the run dialog or in the cmd windows

Examples :
1- shutdown your pc 


this will bring a dialog box

2- restart your PC after 120 seconds (2 minutes)

a dialog will appear
3- Restart your PC after 60 sec and add a comment "www.watchandapply.com"

a dialog will appear

4- abort the shutdown command before the time is over 
after executing example no. 1 , 2 or 3 ,use the following command to cancel or abort any of them

a notification will appear